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Using Your Gallery

Getting Started: Create an Account

  1. REGISTER. Registering first will make sharing favorites sets and checking out easy. To register begin at the main home screen. Scroll to bottom and click "Log In".  Then fill in the fields for "Add an Account". You're all set!
  2. Head on over to your gallery. You can usually fing it under the main menu, "Client Proofing" then selecting it. (You may also use a link in your web search bar.)
  3. Now that you are in your gallery here are some tips for using it.


When you view your gallery for the first time I recommend viewing your pictures in full screen. Go to your gallery and click on the first photo. Click once again to view it even larger! Now you may scroll through using your arrow keys. Click the escape key to exit.

Saving and Sharing Favorites

Why would you use favorites you wonder? Favorites is a wonderful to help you narrow your own favorites, it is easy to add pictures and to remove them.  It is a great tool to help you view your selections for prints you want to order or other projects such as choosing images to add to an album. It is also a fabulous way to share sets of photos with me by using the "Share with Photographer" feature. You can also save sets to share with friends and family and email directly to them from favorites so that it's not necessary to share the full gallery. With so many great uses for favorites let's get acquainted with how to use them!

  1. Favorites can be found in the top left of your screen. 
  2. Click the arrow for the dropdown and choose "Add New Set".
  3. Now give it a specific name such as "Purchase Later", "For Wedding Album" etc. 
  4. Now that you've done that the top left of your screen should display this new set as the current set of favorites open.

Now-as you view your photos you may see the "Add to Favorites" button above or below your photo. You may use that to add to your set.  OR you may us the "F" key to add a photo to your set. Click "F" again to remove the photo from favorites (a toggle button).

Favorites are stored with your account for 30 days. The expiration date is available for your reference at the top of the page. If you login to the site, you have the option to store the set to your account. The set can then be accessed from any browser you login to. 

To share favorites with me: Click on the name of the favorites set up in the upper left hand corner of your gallery. Click the "Send to" button (still top left) and select "Send to Photographer". Add any details you want to share with me and then click "Share". All done!

Shopping & Purchasing Tips

As you view your gallery you may see "Featured Products" to the side of your photos. This is some of our most popular items. But to see all available purchases choose "View All Products".  (Or you may also use the "Buy" button near the top of the page.) Then shop by category to see all of the great products we offer.  Note: When switching from category to category be sure to use the "back" button in the window and not the back button of your browser!

TOP TIP: To see a picture of a product click on the item name. Sometimes if you click on that preview you can see another additional image of the product too! 

To purchase a print or other product first select the image you want to use.

Some products require you to select multiple images but selecting one will get you started.

After choosing your image choose your product and "Add to Cart"

Keyboard Shortcuts for Slideshows

Next - right Arrow

Previous - Left arrow

Play - Spacebar

Pause - Spacebar

Faster - Up Arrow

Slower - Down Arrow