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At Cherry Picked Photography, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality portraits. Our portraits reflect our artistic creativity and beautifully capture the unique personalities of the people in your life and the moments that are most precious to you. Our fees reflect the experience and the skills needed to deliver such special work. Our clients seek us out because they want nothing less than the very best portraits available. The photographic art you choose to hang on your walls is ultimately the vision of the photographer you choose. With CPP you can expect the very best of customer service, a uniquely tailored session designed to bring out the individualism you bring and expect treasured portraits you will love the rest of your life and become a legacy in your family for generations to come. 


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Q. How do I know if Cherry Picked Photography is the right photographer for me?

A. Well, very good question! Everyone wants to get the best images possible. The best, of course, is almost never the cheapest. Everyone knows that since digital photography has taken off everyone and their sister is a photographer. Uncle Joe, your next door neighbor, your cousin, you included, all use great cameras which can take really great photos. But just like with most tools, they do not make the user a professional. No, a fabulous camera does not a fabulous artist make.

When you hire a true artist you aren’t just hiring her expensive camera and equipment. Actually, it is the very least of what you’re investing in. You’re buying a person skilled with the camera and who understands the light, the scene, the mood. You are choosing a personality to spend the afternoon with who can, you hope, put you right at ease and invoke from your child a genuine grin, reveal a soulful side. You’re hiring a professional with complicated tools they use from beginning to end. You’re hoping for someone who can actually make taking photos not a pain but a pleasure.

But that still is not how you chose your photographer. You hire an artist.

You invest in the images that will stand as the reminders of every detail of this time in your life. The portraits our children remember gazing at as youngsters on the hallway wall, over the fireplace, the show piece over the couch. The beautiful painting not of a stranger but, their own mom, their brother, themself. You’re buying beautiful, individual, one of a kind pieces of art featuring your own beautiful family. You are hiring someone impassioned with a vision to make something beautiful and meaningful to anyone who sees it. Your artist is one person in the world who will love your photos as much as you will.

Well… Maybe.

Customer happiness and satisfaction is TOP priority at Cherry Picked Photography. We are not happy if you are not happy! So little perks and bonuses throughout the year are just one way we keep our customers happy. And you can bet you'll find flexibility and helpfulness every step of the way, we want these portraits to be memorable and bring enjoyment throughout your life from this experience. Fun sessions with beautiful results is only the beginning! From sharing a beautiful custom cover photo on Facebook to the favorite portrait over the fireplace twenty years from now, your session with CPP will bring you many, many smiles for years. Just like the number of all these smiles, with the years in the rear view mirror the value of a good photo session keeps going up over time.

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