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Frequently Asked Questions

The following content is general information and all facts may not apply to all session types. Please see the session information and frequently asked questions of the specific type shoot you are interested in for the details of that type of shoot. 

There are so many photographers in my area and many are cheaper. Why should I choose CPP?

You’re absolutely right, there ARE many cheaper photographers out there! Many photographers take dozens of photos, drop minimal batch edits on the photos and provide clients with CDs, USB drives or digital downloads to all those dozens of photos. In the early days of CPP our business model was similar, in that we wanted to give our clients abundant product! We found that consistently over time the dozens of photos we provided were very overwhelming to our clients and often left them paralyzed in the process of culling through ALL those choices. With this high volume I found I could not devote the time to each photo that I craved to give them!  Because of the time constraint on the large volume images were not realized to their full potential, and often our client’s became stuck in the very first step – selecting favorites. You hire us for our skill and commitment to our art. CPP will take the very best of the best and provide you with ample photos that will wow you, each and every one! No difficult culling involved.

The time spent per client and per photo with these photographers will not compare to the attention CPP photos receive, and are not held to the same high artistic standards. Our photos are each treated as individual works of art and are subtly and expertly edited in a lengthy process one by one to the highest standards. We use not only our skill and experience with the camera, but also on the full development of the photos throughout the editing process. Each and every photo is truly a work of art worthy of sharing with generations to come.


Are digital files included in my session fee? Do you provide digital downloads?

While digital files are not included in your session fee, high resolution digital file with personal print release packages are available. I believe in having these precious files archived in your protection!! As a mom, backing up my own family photos is very important to me. Digital files are provided via download and the link will automatically be sent to you after your order with unlimited downloads. While I never encourage printing our photos though bargain consumer photo labs (it is amazing the degree to which a photo can be degraded!!) I DO encourage preserving these precious photos! Through your unlimited number of downloads included in a digital package you may store them on multiple computers and hard drives. The more the better!

Digital image packages and print and product costs may be viewed HERE

*CPP goes to every length to keep the full large files of your purchased photos indefinitely, but is not guaranteed after 12 months.

*Exceptions in the case of event sessions and weddings, in which all digital files are included.


Can I show off my photos on Facebook?

Yes! With any image purchased in print or included in digital packages you will be provided a file specifically optimized and sized for Facebook sharing. These are uploaded from our CPP Facebook page and tagged with anyone you wish. In addition to this, if desired we will provide you with custom designed Facebook timeline cover photos and profile pictures of your session! We are very happy to do this for you!


I know I would like to display these photos in my home but haven’t nailed down exactly how. Can you help me with that?

Yes! This is a service you won’t find with other photographers, and I encourage you to use it! The whole reason for your session is to remember this time in your life, these precious people, to cherish and celebrate it, right? Clients within driving range are offered the opportunity to have a free in home planning session for your custom photographic art. I can help you decide how many pieces to hang on a wall display, and what type and even plan the session around the décor themes and style of your home! It may lead us toward one idea for your child’s room and yet another for your living room. Together we can design the most beautiful wall art you will find anywhere… your own family! There are many options to choose from. I will arrive with several sizes of canvases to get the idea of the scale of the art you would like to make together at your session, I will help you visualize the final gorgeous product sure to wow your visitors and make your family feel as special and cherished as they truly are. And did I say this service is free of charge?


What products are available to show off my photos?

At CPP we have so many ways you can show off your beautiful photos. The best way of all to display them is to show them off in your home! These memories will evoke wonderful feelings and memories for you, your family and guests for many years to come. All of our archival prints and products are meant to last decades and for generations. Gallery wrapped canvas wall groupings and framed prints are beautiful ways to add your own family to your decor. Here are just a few of other professional products available through CPP: metal prints, wood prints, photo jewelry, custom frames, albums, mini albums, cards and announcements, Christmas ornaments, phone and tablet covers, magnets, gift tags and much more!

What happens if I do not place my order within the 2 weeks my gallery is up? Can my gallery be reactivated again later?

The normal viewing and ordering period is 10 days, but in some extenuating circumstances gallery viewing may be extended for a period of time free of charge, at the discretion of CPP. Things happen sometimes out of our control! Galleries can be activated in the future for a $100 fee.

Yes, your gallery can be re-activated for a $100 fee. I will keep your purchased images on file for a minimum of 12 months. After that time all images not purchased will be purged. Reorders are subject to a $100 minimum and are charged current prices as of reorder date.


I want to use these photos in my home, I really want to showcase them, but I can’t decide where and how to use them in my home. Can you help?

Absolutely! I am more than happy to stop by your home and help you plan. As a matter of fact, this is a wonderful step toward tailoring your session for the specific uses you have for the photos. We can not only plan wall vignettes and groupings, but plan the shoot with it in mind. This is a free service I hope you will take advantage of! I am more than happy to do a short wardrobe consult while I am there.


How should I dress my children?

Avoid logos and very busy patterns such as strips and plaids, think simple and classic. Choose colors in the same tonal range, this way no single individual stands out. You might never go out in public wearing matching clothing, but trust me… the look works well for portraits! Choose 2 or three colors for your palette to sprinkle throughout the clothing and accessories. This way not every child wears the same main color, but includes the secondary colors to coordinate. Check out my Pinterest board “What to Wear” here for more suggestions: https://www.pinterest.com/cherrypickedpa/


Are clothing changes permitted?

Sure! As many changes permitted by session length.


What do I need to bring to the shoot?

Prior to the shoot, be sure you’ve completed your online paperwork, but no hard copy is required. If your children have favorite toys in their lives, feel free to bring those and we may add them to our shoot.


Are family pets permitted?

If you have a fairly well trained pet who is friendly, location permitting bring them if you wish! Please check with me first to discuss location rules and to plan for including your pet.


What time of day is best for shooting?

Early morning or approximately one hour before sunset are the best times for your session so we will try these times first. If mid day cannot be avoided this may influence location choices.


If I need to reschedule what do I do?

Please allow 24 hour prior to your session if at all possible. Sending a text message is the quickest way to get in touch with me at (678) 457-0988.


Since your sessions are pre-paid what happens if I can’t make my session appointment or if the weather is bad? Will I lose my session fee?

No, absolutely not! Please let me know as soon as possible if there is an illness, family emergency or if you cannot make your appointment. We understand sometimes things happen. I am happy to reschedule! And if the weather is bad we will reschedule as well. I will work with you!


What happens if I don’t like my images? Will I still be responsible for the minimum spending amount in my gallery?

Well, first of all you should know this has NEVER ever happened! CPP goes to every length to make sure our clients are thrilled with the results of their session. Please know we will do what it takes to leave you with images you can’t WAIT to share, images you will truly cherish. Your satisfaction is the very top priority and we will make every effort to provide the photos you will cherish! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your photos in any way I will happily offer you a complimentary re-shoot.


How much editing do you do to the photos? What is your editing style?

Every photo session is different; however generally, we edit out facial blemishes, whiten teeth just a bit, and correct minor issues like uneven skin tone. Upon request we are happy to offer subtle slimming or address any issues you bring to our attention.

Cameras are limited in that they can only expose for one light in a photo scene. Our photos are given richness and punch and subtly enhanced to reflect more what our eyes see, and assist the eye to the subjects in the photo. Sunsets and vibrant skies will be brought out, as well as seasonal tones and the natural beauty of the scene.


What is the best time of day to schedule a session?

For outdoor portraits, very early morning (starting no later than 9:00 a.m.) and late afternoon/early evening (up to an hour before sunset) provide the most flattering light. Midday sun is harsh and produces hard shadows, although if there is sufficient shade such as tree cover, we can shoot at any time of the day. Most importantly, let’s try to choose a time of day when the kiddoss in the family are at their peak and will be well rested and fed beforehand.


Where will we take out photos? Can I choose the place?

The setting for your photos can be done wherever you choose. I have many suggestions for this but am always very happy to try new places such as parks, lakes, historical sites and public places (if permitted).  So if your family has a great time at a favorite ice cream shop, let’s do it there! If you met your honey in Piedmont Park, then let’s go there! Or if you are big wine drinkers, let’s meet at the winery! If your dog is a big part of your family let’s find a park where he can play! It is always a favorite part of the session planning for me to find locations to personalize your session and bring our your own unique personality.


How do I book a shoot?

Go to the contact tab on the main menu of the website to contact me. Fill out the contact form and let me know the time frame that works for you. I will email you back promptly, or leave your number if you would rather that I call you. Or simply click HERE to book through the website.


What types of payment do you accept for product?

Payment for product is made through the website using a debit card, credit card or Paypal. For orders over $500 we can arrange a payment plan if you wish. Paypal has a great payment plan option available through the website as well.


How much can I expect to spend?

Print packages start at $125 and gallery wrapped canvas wall groupings start at $180. Clients can expect to spend $400-$1500 on your custom photography products. There is a minimum order requirement of $400.

Do you except payment plans?

Yes we do. We do understand that your session is an investment. There is a Paypal link on the site where you can pay in installments through Paypal. You may also make a partial payment when ordering your products if credit card information is provided. Or, choose to pay half when ordering your products and half upon delivery. We are happy to work with you!


What do I need to do to secure my date or pay a deposit?

Once we find a date that works, I will send you a Paypal invoice for the session fee or you can pay through the website HERE.


Do you offer photography mentoring or classes?

It never stops surprising and delighting me to be asked this question! At this time we do not, but this is something we consider doing in the future. Helping parents take better pictures of their families or to help someone grow in their photography is dear to our hearts!! Contact me if you would like to receive details when the time comes.


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