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Newborn and Baby Sessions-Frequently Asked Questions


I have a lot of questions, will we talk before the session?

Absolutely! We will schedule a consultation to discuss your goals for the session and finished presentation. We will talk about colors, style and clothing.I will answer any and all questions you have.


Why are newborn sessions so long?

When I arrive to take your baby’s photos you will notice I am excited and ready to have fun. I want to be sure you are relaxed as well and will give you and your family plenty of time to feel comfortable with the session and also with me. We may also need breaks for feeding if necessary and changes.


Can I get pictures of my newborn with her sibling(s)? Will there be pictures of us parents with our baby?

Yes, please! And absolutely! Don’t worry if your newborn’s sibling(s) is a little cranky or a bit shy, you will be surprised what wonderful shots I will get! Many of the best shots do not even require eye contact with the camera. Don’t be surprised if I ask you to hug, get close, kiss or hold hands, your emotional bond.


I have seen some dangerous looking newborn photos! Do you take precautions to keep my baby safe at all times?

Y.E.S. We capture newborns in adorable and unique poses but throughout the shoot safety is our highest priority! Often compositions, or several merged photos, are taken to crop out the hands holding baby or other safety items.


Do you custom make products from our shoot, such as baby announcements?

We do. A selection of announcements will be provided to you to choose from if you wish, and are fully customizable from wording to color to text, as are albums, canvases and all other presentation of your beautiful photos.


We offer custom conceptual portraits as well. For a limited time only, one conceptual portrait will be complimentary with your session! Please visit our library of conceptual art for inspiration HERE. These can be entirely new creations as well, you dream it up and I will make it happen!


Do you have props to use for the session or should I bring any?

Yes. We have bowls, hats, wraps, baskets and blankets. However, if you have a special piece of furniture, clothing or a special toy you would like to incorporate I am happy to do so.


If I am having a scheduled delivery can I confirm the date ahead of time?



What if there is a specific pose or I want or idea I have?

Please let me know this 48 hours before your session and I will do all I can to add the pose.