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Conceptual Portraiture

Enjoy the slideshow then please scroll down to learn more!


What is conceptual portraiture? 

Conceptual portraiture is photography that illustrates an idea. That's it! I create two types of conceptual portraiture for my clients. All of them are one-of-a-kind unique works of art. They are usually done with only one subject (person) but can contain several. They can be literal or symbolic in nature. Whimsical or entirely believable.

1. Composite photography. This is when I add elements to a photograph that were photographed separately and were not there to begin with. This is usually done in a realistic way. It illustrates an idea and tells a story. It can be a believable image or one that is whimsical or imaginative.

2. Painting technique composite photography. This is the same as composite photography described above but also has an added digital hand painted look.


What options are available to me for my own unique conceptual portrait?

The possibilities are limitless! First, let's consider who we are photographing. For babies you may want to use the theme in your nursery. This can be a general concept or contain a play on licensed characters. It can be classic, as the baby in the balloon (see slideshow) or depict scenes such as a baby girl in a magical field of flowers, a swarm of butterflies, your baby nestled into the fur of a cuddly bear or floating on a lily pad while little goldfish swim underneath.

If our subject is a toddler or young child you might want to incorporate their favorite things. Little boy superheroes flying over a busy cityscape, fairytale figures like Little Red Riding hood walk through the sun streaked forest, fishing off of a pier and catching a great big fish, riding atop a majestic elephant, a sparkly mermaid or a little one as a character in his favorite childhood story. Something as simple a little one on a city street in a tie with a suitcase can be more adorable than you can imagine!

For women and young ladies digital paintings are especially beautiful. They can show the emotion of a certain time in your life or just celebrate your unique beauty. Women can be depicted in magical scenes; atop a cliff over a raging sea, show only a peek of your face amid flowing hair walking through a volatile storm, show peace and tranquility, arms overflowing, or be as carefree as driving a vintage convertible surrounded by suitcases. 

All of these concepts can be more beautiful hung on a wall than anything you can find in a catalog, anything you could buy. And it will be one of a kind, just for you. It can be a large framed fine art print, a canvas, a metal or glass print. There are endless options! Let's talk and plan your own one of a kind masterpiece for your future grandkids to fight over!

Anything you can think of, I can do! Any general concept or symbolic idea can be fleshed out. Enjoy the gallery for inspiration.

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