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Not your average Atlanta Senior Photographer

August 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

 Nope... Definitely not the average Atlanta Senior Photographer!

I have a bit of a different outlook on high school senior photography and photo shoots. It's true, I love many things about the typical high Atlanta school senior shoot. I love the distinctive vibes you often see. Themed senior shoots reflecting urban chic, relaxed bohemian, country girl or flower child vibes are SO FUN. There is no denying the fun in those shoots! The cool trucks, the barns, the downtown buildings in decay. I love the metal prints and phone apps and seeing their Instagram posts.

Typically, when a senior or her mom goes searching for the perfect senior photographer they are looking for photography that's hip and trendy, hoping to find fashionable photography senior girls will drool over. (Aren't we hiring a photographer for her, after all?) And there's nothing wrong with that! Kids want what they want and often they have their own specific ideas in mind. This is what the industry offers, and it's light years better than it was when I was a high school senior, I promise you!

The experience I offer my clients is many of those things. We will take gorgeous photos the kids will all love, we will show plenty of personality and encourage all of their ideas and imagination in designing the shoot. We will choose the perfect location. We will show off some of those favorite outfits so fun to shop for. All of this is a snapshot into this time in a senior's high school life.


These photo shoots are not cheap! Ask any parent who's footed the bill for a high school senior shoot recently. The worst thing that could happen to these photos is that they become cheesy and dated as my own high school photos have become. At Cherry Picked Photography the coolest photos are great to have, (and we are going to take those!) but it is not our first goal. What we work very hard to do and take very seriously, is capturing beautiful, classic photographs of your young adult that you and your child will be as proud to display in your homes 20 years from now just as much as you love them today. We do not think of these photos as the annual photos you set up every year for your child, another thing to check off the list of a high school senior's busy year, or something to get out of the way. They are an investment in your memories. 

We think of it as a once in a lifetime chance to capture this young person right... here. They are on that precipice of adulthood and it's such an important time. It's the time in our lives no one ever forgets. They cling to the comforts of childhood and crave the independence and freedom of adulthood all at once. This photoshoot is meant to be a celebration of everything accomplished and all the hard work, a celebration of the person you have raised with blood, sweat and your own heartbeat. So the way I see it, this is one of the most precious photo shoots of your child's life. They are still with us, still need us, but we celebrate the next step.

So instead of simply striving for photos that will make your teenager happy, I have several objectives for every senior session.

1.   Show off the senior's unique personality. Get to know the senior and the things that make her happy. Involve the senior and her mom in brainstorming and imagining up the shoot. I love big ideas here, dream big! Let's imagine a one-of-a-kind shoot no one has done before!

2.   Plan the shoot to be classy and timeless. We like lots of spontaneity too. You never know which will be your favorites! 

3.  Take lots of classic shots that will truly stand the test of time. We make sure to take the shots that will look beautiful on your walls now, and always. Our photos are for seeing! As with all of our shoots, we shoot for the walls of your home, not your hard drive or your Facebook wall. 

4.   Make the kids happy! We have all the things the kids love, from apps to share with friends, the latest  and greatest products and we resize their photos for them to share on social media platforms.  

5.   We ALWAYS have a blast doing it! And we always, always offer the highest level of support to our customers, from planning clothing, concepts and location to being available to you every step of the way for anything at all.

It's a new school year! Never to early to begin planning ahead. Our beach shoots will be available through September for seniors, families and children. Fall is a beautiful time of year for photos! Our indoor studio space is available throughout the winter. 



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